It feels like home here!

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I spend a great deal of time at the store, but I don’t think I could if I didn’t feel like we were family and it was a warm welcoming place. Whenever a person walks through the door someone greets them, even if it is a shout “Hello” coming from the back work room. In every family there is conflicts or disagreements but it doesn’t affect our genuine concern for each other. The most incredible thing to me is that there is always room for one more! Anyone is welcome…whether you have blue hair and rock an awesome attitude or you like to remain under your headphones and listen to your music in your own little world. We respect each other just as you are! I love to come in and be encouraged by people in different parts of their life, like the mother of a toddler or the great grandma of six! So I write this to say thank you to all my sisters and brothers for the bottom of my happy heart!

Lisa :)

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