Private Reserve 2011 by Quick Quotes

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Sadly the weekend is coming to an end.  The internet has been “picky” here which unfortunately did not allow for more updates.  But it was a fun filled weekend.

The weekend started off with some bonus classes, one of which was making a wonderful canvas.  Today those are on display for voting for the the favorite.  They are all so very good that it will be hard to decide which is the favorite.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a tie for one or more of the places.

Some of the other projects were a 10×10 canvas that was embellished with a lovely line of paper.  There were several page kits made as well as a flip album with tags.  It is hard to describe the beauty of these projects so take a look at some of the pictures.

Saturday night was a voting for “Bling Your Bra” and show your feet using QQ product.  We had fun with the bra, pics were taken:), and ironically it was right after the wine tasting event.  Not sure if that had an influence or not.  We are just a fun group of people!

Today, the last day, we are working on a 12×12 album with each session using a different kit to make the pages for the album.  Once the day is over, the album will be complete and ready to add your photos.

And when you add all the prizes you could win over the three days, and there are a lot of them(told about 6 pallets worth or so), this event is well worth the time and money.

So if you didn’t make it this year, or even if you did, now is the time to start saving and making plans for next year.  This is a GREAT event from a wonderful company!  Hope to see you next year.