Having Trouble Matching Paper?

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Sometimes I find it difficult to find that right solid color to match a patterned paper, do you have the same trouble?  Well, while doing some research I came across a great service that Bazzill has on their site.  They have taken paper from quite a lot of popular companies like SEI, Little Yellow Bicycle, and more(probably around 30 or so companies) and taken some of their paper lines and matched coordinating colors with them.  It is very easy to use.  Just select the company from the list on the right and then find the paper and then you will get their suggestion of matching Bazzill paper.

Now while it is far from a complete list, they are continually working on it(according to their site).  But I think it is great that they are willing to help you match coordinating colors to your paper.  Take a look and see.  If you like it then bookmark it.

You can get there here.

I hope you find this useful.