What A Weekend!

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This past weekend we held our monthly All Weekend Crop. And despite the passing of Cheri and in honor of her, I believe all had a blast, I know I did!  It was great, we had a PJ night on Saturday and, although all did not participate(and that’s ok), it was great to see those who did.  From me, I am glad for those that showed and I was grateful to meet all you wonderful ladies.

Of course I wonder how many actually got work done because it seemed that only about half were really working.  We saw some old faces show up, and some new ones.

Angela, held an impromptu couponing class that was really helpful, especially in this current economy.

I look forward to next month.  I hope to see you there.

Remember to sign up early as spots have been filling up quickly lately.

Thank you Chris, Holly, Brandi, Jen, Meredith, Sheila, Heather, Angela, Danise, Vicki, Heidi, and Noelle(please forgive any spelling errors) for making it a GREAT weekend!